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iPumps Pump Management Software

Monitoring and control software is now standard for all modern laboratory equipment. Yet most manufacturers of peristaltic pumps still do not supply PC pump software to run their peristaltic pumps. iPumps Peristaltic Pump Management Software is designed to be easy and logical to use. It has a built in simulator programme that enables you to demonstrate and practice with our pump management software without actually connecting to your peristaltic pump.

The iPumps Peristaltic pump software enables not just the usual stop start and flow rate facilities to be programmed, but has the ability to calibrate the pump for individual sizes of tubing. It also allows you to set up profiles of your flow rates against time, allowing you to have greater control over the pump. When you combine this with the ability to run up to eight peristaltic pumps simultaneously this enables a huge number of feed and mixing problems to be solved.

We use an RS 485 connected to a USB adaptor, this gives the advantage of being able to transmit over long distances and in electrically noisy environments (RS 485), while retaining the convenience and ease of a USB port. The cabling and connectors are included in the price of the iPumps peristaltic pump software and made to suit your individual requirements.

Up to eight peristaltic or laboratory pumps can be connected together in parallel.

Our iPumps pump software can be modified to suit individual applications and this is not as expensive as you may think. If you have a specialist application that requires OEM peristaltic pumps and pump management software then please contact us for more information.

To see how it works contact us and ask for our demo video of the iPumps Pump Management Software.