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OEM Pump Module System

iPumps OEM range of tube / peristaltic pumps are designed to be integrated and design into users own equipment whether this is a new or existing design.

For any equipment that requires the use of a low maintenance dosing and metering pump the iPumps OEM range of peristaltic pumps is ideal.

They have a low cost, are easy to use and accurate.

The peristaltic pump should be your first choice wherever the fluid is: Abrasive, corrosive, sterile or shear-sensitive, because the pumped media is not in contact with a pumping mechanism there is no degrading or contamination of your pumped media.

peristaltic pumps can meet the demands of processes across all industries and can be found in applications as diverse asBioreactors and medical equipment to car washes and industrial machines.

The ipump OEM range can be configured into the perfect solution for your OEM peristaltic pump project. we can usually adapt our OEM range your existing installations.

The OEM module consists of a small chassis fitted with a circuit board, which contains all the control electronics.  This controls the attached step motor which drives the pump heads.  There are a variety of single and multichannel pump heads available.  There are various methods that can be used to control the flow rates, usually by either an external pulse control, or using the internal pump motor speed controller.

Control Electronics Circuit Board

Internal speed control: BCD dial switch
Speed range under internal control: 5-100 rpm
Speed range under external control: 0.1-100 rpm,
Speed resolution is 0.1 rpm
Speed stability is 0.1 rpm
External speed control: 0-10Hz pulse control
Start/Stop control
Direction control: clockwise/count-clockwise
Power supply: 11.4 to 25.2V DC or 100 - 240V AC adapter 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 10W
Operating environment: Ambient temperature 0-40c
relative humidity: <80%

C1R3 Pump Head 

Easy load
Single channel
Three rollers
Flow rates 0.006 to 366 ml/min

Multi-Channel Pump Head

Cassette loading
2 or 4 channel
6 or 10 rollers
Flow rates 0.0045 to 32 ml/min

“Watch” Pump Head

Low cost
Single or dual channel
Flow rates 0.01 to 43 ml/min

Other pump head and motor combinations are available

Why Use Us

Why you should choose iPumps partner for your new OEM pump design. iPumps is a small knowledge based engineering company that can help companies with the design of their peristaltic pump application. We are happy to help develop your specialised pump applications Whether this is high volume (in  thousands) or low volume (in tens). we aim tol give you a level of personal service that is well above that of competitors.