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Product Page i250

The i250 peristaltic pump uses the same digital speed system and high quality engineering materials used in all the iPumps range of pumps.

With a speed of 600rpm plus the ability to run down to 1 rpm, when combined with the large range of tube sizes gives a very wide range of flow rates. The i250 gives you a good high performance laboratory pump at a very reasonable price. The pump has facility’s for external Voltage or current inputs, as well as RS485,USB for computer connection.

The pump can use either our C1 R3 rapid loading pump head which allows tubing change in just a few seconds or our B type 2 or 4 channel pump heads.


Easy to Use Controls.

Interchangeable pump heads, with either our C1R3 rapid loading pump head allows tubing change in a few seconds.

or our 2 or 4 channel pump head. With easy loading cassettes.

Speed can be set from the front panel manually or through an analogue or digital interface.

Can easily be Interfaced to other instrumentation.

Memory function for the storing of the running parameters.

Digital display of speed with a resolution of 1 rpm.

Self priming can operate dry, and contain no valves or seals

Fluid is only in contact with the tubing, providing for contamination free pumping in high-purity applications.

Low maintenance with minimum downtime.

Technical Specification