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At iPumps we specialise in solving customers' liquid handling problems. Our aim is to work with you to understand your requirement and to develop solutions to your problems, whether this is for a single pump or a complex installation. Our key aim is to provide you with a high level of customer satisfaction and support from initial purchase and through the entire lifetime of our pumps.

As one of the smaller suppliers of laboratory and peristaltic pumps, we know that as customers you always have a choice, only by giving our customers the very best service can we compete. Why Buy From Us

Our comprehensive range of Peristaltic pumps offers interchangeable pump heads, external inputs and computer control. When you combine this with our very wide range of flow rates and pump heads, it makes our new range of peristaltic pumps one of the most versatile systems available.

Most of our deliveries are exstock and we can usually ship delivery’s both national and international in just a few days.
We are so sure of our products our pumps comes with a full 36 month no-quibble warranty and, to make sure you're entirely happy with our pumps, we offer a 14 day trial period. Conditions of Sale

All this plus very competitive pricing

iPump i150

The iPump i150 is a low flow rate peristaltic pump although aimed mainly for the laboratory and biotech market. The iPumps i150 is ideally suited for all precision low flow rate applications.

Being one of the few pumps with a speed resolution of 0.1 rpm. This makes low flow rates easy to achieve. The iPumps i150 can be supplied with our pump management software. Can be used with single or multi channel pump head. Flow rates up to 360ml/min.


iPump i200

The iPump i200 is a medium flow rate general purpose laboratory peristaltic pump. With flow rates up to 1100 ml/min. Aimed to give you a good performance with very reasonable pricing. Can use with single or multi channel pumphead.


iPump i250

The iPump i250 is a high performance peristaltic pump with a wide range of flow rates for use in either laboratory or industrial applications. With flow rates from 0.63ml/min to 2200 ml/min. Aimed to give you the best performance within its price range. Can use single or multi channel pumphead.


iPump i300

The ipump i300 is our high performance peristaltic pump utilising a high torque brushless DC motor these peristaltic pumps are equally at home in an industrial or laboratory environment with flow rates up to 6000 ml/min. usually supplied with our D1 pumphead. An alternative range of interchangeable pumpheads is available.


OEM Pump

We offer a wide range of OEM pump heads and drives, these can be tailor  to individual customers requirements, whether this is the new product or an upgrade to an existing design. Just email us with an outline of your requirements and I assure you we will always do our best to help.


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