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iPumps, Innovating Peristaltic Pump Technology

iPumps would like to introduce you to our i150 peristaltic pump, the easy-to-use fluid handling system.

The i150 peristaltic pump uses our innovative digital speed system. This gives maximum performance with a speed range of 1000:1. Using different sizes of peristaltic pump tubing and interchangeable pump heads, we can achieve flow rates of .006 to 380 ml/min - all with one pump. This combined with a large range of tube sizes gives the very broadest range of flow rates. Ideally suited to low flow rate pump applications.

With the use of our C1 R3 rapid loading pump head, the i150 peristaltic pumps allows pump tubing change in just a few seconds.
Our easily exchangeable pump head system enable you to change between either our single channel pump head for maximum flow rates - or our two or four channel pump, which is equipped with multi rollers to give you a smoother, more precise flow, making it ideally suitable as a low flow rate pump. These features make the i150 peristaltic pump one of the most versatile and practical peristaltic pumps available. iPumps gives you all of these features at very competitive pricing.
  Peristaltic Pump Head Close Up

Although mainly used as laboratory pumps, these peristaltic pumps or tube pumps are equally suitable for use either as a laboratory pump or in industrial pumping applications. The i150 is ideally suited for laboratory pump applications which require low flow rates, being one of the few pumps to operate down to 0.1rpm.

All of our pumps are designed to run 24/7

To ensure reliability, our peristaltic and laboratory pumps are subject to quality control checks at every stage, and test run for 24 hours before despatch.

We are so sure of our products that our peristaltic pumps come with a full 36 months no-quibble warranty and to make sure you're antirely happy with our pumps, we offer a 14 day trial period. See conditions of return for more details.

iPumps can now also announce the introduction of our version 3 windows iPumps Pump Management Software. It enables up to eight pumps to be controlled by a remote computer, including stop/start and changes to flow rates. A time scheduling function allows changes in speed to be scheduled either in step changes or by ramped changes against time. If you're interested in seeing it work, take a look at our Demo Video.

Most of our products are ex-stock and we can usually ship these both nationally and internationally in just a few days of ordering.